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TW Regional Skills Competition Already Wrapped Up on April 25
Date of inspection



After 2-day fierce competition, the 50th Regional Skills Competition made its results public on April 25. After this Competition, top five competitors of each skill in each region are qualified to advance to National Skills Competition this September, a journey to showcasing skills excellence.


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the competition is off-limits to the public. The participants must wear masks to enter into the arena. Also, the personnel and the participants who had fever over standard body temperature was not allowed to enter. 


Director General Shih Chen-Yang, from Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor visited this Competition and reminded competitors to follow the standard precautions.


"Competitions is one of ways to promote skills development!" said Lin San-Quei, Vice Minister of Ministry of Labor.


National Skills Competition will take place this September, and the duration will last for one week to celebrate the team Chinese Taipei has been a member of WSI (WorldSkills International) for 50 years!