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  •  Date of inspection:2019-03-12

The main purpose of skills competition is about raising the awareness of skills value, the way of inspiring the youth to learn skills and, in the long term, ramping up the whole society’s skills level. In this regards, Chinese Taipei keeps a push to promote skills. Parallel with regularly holding skills competition, some promotion approaches summarize as below:

  1. Chinese Taipei picks out Competitors as role models making their cases and sharing their stories with students in the schools, in the hope of engaging more students in learning skills.
  2. During the period of Skills Competitions, some skills will be showcased, the way offering visitors a unique hands-on experience. In it, visitors could explore that skills and even further learn them.
  3. On top of that, school students will be mobilized to pay a visit to skills competition, which hopefully could draw these pupils’ interest and let them realize skills learning as an alternative career path.
    August 15 to 19, 2017 47th National Skills Competition. October 2, in The Affiliated Tao-Yuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School of National Taipei University of Technology.