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  •  Date of inspection:2019-03-12

2017 World Youth Skills Day in Taiwan

To mark World Youth Skills Day on July 15, 2017, Workforce Development Agency held ‘World Youth Skills Day forum’ as well as ‘Northern Ease Skills Invitation Competition’ in Tainan, bringing together more than 100 experts, competitors, guests from Brazil, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Vice Labor Minister San-Quei Lin delivered a brief remark in the opening ceremony. He mentioned United Nations announced July 15 as World Youth Skills Day in 2014, a move hopefully young people better develop their skills and reduce their unemployment. This year, WorldSkills International took ‘Skills for All’ as campaign slogan, highlighting skill culture and value to inspire young people engaging in skills learning. In Taiwan, not only did we celebrate this day of ‘ World Youth Skills Day’, but also this event could offer the Youth a chance of skills exchanging and afterwards keep improving their skills.


We celebrate this day of ‘ World Youth Skills Day’ in Taiwan. July 15, 2017 World Youth Skills Day in Taiwan.