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Premier Su Celebrated Chinese Taipei Team’s Outstanding Results at 2022 WorldSkills Competition
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Chinese Taipei Competitors won 6 Gold, 13 Silver and 6 Bronze medals, as well as 17 Medallions for Excellence at the 2022 WorldSkills Competition, a record high for the total number of medals in the past years. The Ministry of Labor (MOL) held an Award Ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Taipei to commend the hard work of National Competitors and Chief Experts during the training period. Premier Su Tseng-Chang attended the ceremony and expressed gratitude for all efforts and dedication put into preparing for this competition.


Chinese Taipei is ranked 3rd among 57 countries based on Total Medal Points. National Competitors who won Gold, Silver, and Bronze, as well as Medallions for Excellence will be awarded scholarships of NT$1,200,000, NT$600,000, NT$400,000 and NT$100,000 respectively. The aim of the scholarships is to award the Competitors for their hard work and encourage them to continue honing self-skills in hope to further elevate the overall skill level of Taiwan.