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Introduction of the WorldSkills Asia Competition Taipei 2025
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On June 3rd, 2022, WorldSkills Asia announced Taipei City, Taiwan as the host city of the WorldSkills Asia Competition Taipei 2025. WorldSkills Asia Competition is by far the biggest skills event in Asia. This event highlights our commitments to regional skills promotion and development which marks another important milestone after Taipei hosted the WorldSkills Competition in 1993.

The WorldSkills Asia Competition Taipei 2025 will be held from November 23rd to November 27th in 2025. We expect to bring together hundreds of competitors over 26 skills and 14 junior skills, along with 6 future skills and 2 presentation skills. The competition venue is Nangang Exhibition Center Hall, the largest trade-show venue in Taiwan which is within walking distance to nearby hotels. A series of activities, such as exhibitions and conferences, will also be organized during the Competition. 

Taipei is a vibrant and exciting city because it blends in traditional culture with modern innovation. This city is not only the capital of modern Taiwan but also an important commercial city through history. Navigating Taipei is easy due to its convenient metro system and bus network. When you look for delicious cuisine, Taipei is unarguably a food paradise such as world-famous bubble milk tea. You will not leave Taipei without a wonderful memory. 

Chinese Taipei has long engaged in activities of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Asia. The WorldSkills Asia Competition 2025 will be a unique opportunity to further skills exchange, share skills practices, as well as in-depth exploration of Taipei. We extend our warm and early welcome to all partners to join us in Taipei for the WorldSkills Asia Competition 2025.