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Chinese Taipei Launching a Drive for the BeChangeMaker
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The BeChangeMaker is back. Chinese Taipei are launching activities to help young people better prepare for it.


The BeChangeMaker was launched by WorldSkills International and HP foundation on 2017. It is an online social entrepreneurial skills training project that enables youth with skills and great ideas to explore their career potential as an entrepreneur. It proves to be a big success--the participating teams has soared to 475 teams in 2020, from about eighty teams in 2017. Worth to note is that Chinese Taipei teams has been outstanding, winning top spot in 2019 and second spot in 2020. 


The Workforce Development Innovation Center has made efforts to encourage domestic youngsters to join the BeChangeMaker project in hope to incentivize potential teams to take such a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and innovation on the global stage. The event of April 9 is one of its efforts, bringing dozens of young people and largely shedding light on related assistant approaches.