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National Skills Competition and Other Events Kick Off in Coming August
Date of inspection


The 48th National Skills Competition is timed to start on August 6, the most important skills event this year with 788 competitors, 589 male and 199 female, jostling for 47 skills medals and competition venues located in Taichung city and Changhua County. Its schedule includes: August 6 of familiarization with workstations; August 7~9 of Skills Competition; August 10 slated for Awarding Ceremony.


Parallel with National Skills Competition, Flag Relay and International Forum will take place on August 6 and August 10 separately.

  1. Flay Relay will take place on the sidelines of Competition venue at 11 am on August 6. Flay Relay is an event across countries that previously hosted WorldSkills Competition. And turning the Taiwan into final super stop of this event. Undoubtedly, it is a prelude of the upcoming WorldSkills Competition at Kazan in 2019.
  2. The International Forum, at the Splendor Hotel at 9:30 on August 10, is to bring together WSI Board member, WSI Chief Experts and Experts, and Japan and Korea Delegates, about 100 guests from 14 countries. This Forum centers on competition and Competitors’ career building, two vital topics in WorldSkills 2025 Vision.