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Skills Competition for the Disabled to Start June 3
Date of inspection


The 16th National Skills Competition for the Disabled is timed to start on June 3, with 505 competitors -- 271 male and 234 female -- jostling for 26 skills medals and its competition venue located in Jhuang Jing Vocational School, New Taipei City.


Also, Taiwan's National Team Selection will take place simultaneously, the best competitor per skill to represent Taiwan into the Vocational Skills Competition of International Abilympic 2021 in Moscow, Russia.


The purpose of this Competition is expected to motivate confidence, perseverance and courage of the disabled so that they may leave their misery behind and get involved in the social and economic activities, developing their potential, and realizing personal goals. Additionally, the society, especially the employers, may reevaluate and recognize their work abilities, and further offer them opportunities of employment.


Due to the recent COVID-19 impact, the competition do not open to the public as well as run by skill, either on June 3-4 or on June 5-6.