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Chinese Taipei Bracing for Upcoming WorldSkills Asia Competition
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The WorldSkills Asia Competition 2018, held from November 27-29 in Abu Dhabi, is expected to draw more than 200 talented competitors from some 20 countries and regions, going for 23 skills medals, including 6 skills for Junior.


Chinese Taipei, meanwhile, has been preparing for this Competition, organized an over-70-member delegation, including delegates, observers, experts, interpreters and competitors, led by Deputy Director General, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor Shih Chen-Yang. That delegation will head for Abu Dhabi on November 24, slated to arrive at Abu Dhabi on November 25 and then embark on competition preparation. This Competition is the first time for the WorldSkills Asia to take place such a regional event, a move of placing Asia along with Europe and America with regional skills competition on their own. And it is good to see Taiwan join 10 skills, including Mechanical Engineering- CAD, IT Software Solutions for Business, IT Network Systems Admin, Mobile Robotics, Plastering and Drywall Systems, Painting and Decorating, Web Design, Car Painting, Welding and Electrical Installations, as well as 6 Junior skills- Web Design, IT Software Solutions for Business, Electrical Installations, Mobile Robotics, Graphic Design Technology and Floristry.


This Competition is scheduled to run from November 27 to November 29, while Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony fall on November 26 and November 30 separately. And Chinese Taipei will return to Taiwan on December 1.