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51st Regional Skills Competition Set to Take the Stage on April 19
Date of inspection


The 51st Regional Skills Competition that often attract a lot of attention in vocational circles will be held on April 19 and April 22, for junior and young Competitors respectively, simultaneously at 19 venues in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan.


In response to COVID-19, this event is not open to the public. The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has formulated a precaution plan aligned with guidelines by the Central Epidemic Command Center in order to make sure this event could run in a safe environment. Plus, the MOL reminds Competitors of taking necessary precaution prevention measures, such as temperature check, mask mandate, etc. In case a Competitor fail to take part in this event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she/he could submit a proof issued by a hospital for refunding registration fee.


The MOL added this event is aimed to provide a stage for young people showcasing their excellence skills in order to encourage young generation to engage in skill learning. This year, there are 52 skills for young Competitors. Among them, most popular are Restaurant Service, Cooking, Traditional Chinese Cooking, Mechanical Engineering CAD, Mobile Robotics, Automobile Technology, Electronics and Bakery. Besides, 11 junior skills is another bright spot--skills including mechanical engineering CAD, robots, floristry, food service and 3D game art. Per competition rule, top five competitors for each skill will be entitled to advance to the National Skills Competition on September 29 -October 3 this year. That is, winners will also have a chance to represent Taiwan to participate in the WorldSkills Competition shining on the global stage.


For information, please go to the website of the Skill Evaluation Center of the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor /information announcement/latest news enquiry.