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National Team Pick Comes on October for WSC 2019 at Kazan
Date of inspection


Taiwan's National Team Selection will take place on Oct 4-6, the way picking best competitors who are to represent Taiwan going ahead for the WorldSkills Competition 2019 at Kazan. About 100 winners in the TW National Skills Competition will participate in this event, hosted by Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch of the Workforce Development Agency.


WorldSkills Competition, also called the Olympic of Skills, is the biggest skills event in the world, taking place every two year. Next Year, WorldSkills Competition will take place at Kazan, Russia, expectantly with more than 1300 Competitors from all around the world competing for 56-skills medals. Taiwan has been keeping amazing performance since 1971, the landmark year that Taiwan joined the Competition at the first time. In the WorldSkills Competition 2019 at Kazan, Taiwan will plan to participate in 42 skills among 56 skills in total. Of 42 skills, 32 skills will emerge national representative competitors for each skill on early October this year and other 10 skills do early next year due to third-phase procedure.