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National Skills Competition For Adult wrapped up on February 24
Date of inspection


Our remarkable competition results of National Skills Competition for Adult are all gathered to make their debut at Taipei International Furniture Show (TIFS) 2020! This Competition aims to bring together the resources relating to government, industry and education and set the stage for skills and for our professional masters! In 2018, we made a special exhibition for WorldSkills Competition. In 2019, we developed the competition to present the concept of foyer, by combining 3 skills: Cabinetmaking, Joinery, Painting and Decorating. This year, we present to you the concept of cabinet artwork, combing these 3 skills again and also inviting Floristry to join with us! 


In 2018, our special exhibition for WorldSkills Competition designed golden age – history wall / works show, dynamic performance of our golden shining moments at WorldSkills Competitions and also organized symposiums about our road to WorldSkills Competitions: Shape the Future, Craftsman Community & Catch Me If You Can. Part of the works are also presented now at TIFS.


In 2019, Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor cooperated for the first time with Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association to organize TIFS and National Skills Competition for Adults. We gathered Cabinetmaking, Joinery & Painting and Decorating skills to present the concept of cabinet artworks for the public. Now at TIFS you can also see the fine works created in 2019.


This year, we enlarge our scale by combining Cabinetmaking, Joinery, Painting and Decorating and also Floristry skills in the competition. The designed concept is cabinet artwork and the theme is wedding and house warming. All these 4 skills’ finished works are not displayed individually but designed to be well combined together to demonstrate 1 masterpiece!


How to bring these 4 skills together is a challenge for our 4 skills’ Experts: 4 preliminary & 4 final competitions to be allocated to 4 days in 2 venues (in MUGO International Corp. & Taipei Flowers Auction Co., Ltd.). All these skills competitions are successful and the amazing and eye-catching fine works of art are exhibited at Taiwan World Trade Center (TWTC) on Feb. 24th. Facing the serious public health concern because of COVID-19, we truly appreciate the hard work and dedication of our Competitors, Experts, MUGO International Corp., Taipei Flowers Auction Co., Ltd. and the co-organizer, Juang Jing Vocational High School. Thank you for making the challenge a fantastic experience and bringing all the successes to this event! We all witness how skills can beautify our lives and how creations can be all around us - Art is everywhere and everything and all of us can be creators!