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51th National Skills Competition Kicks Off from September 29
Date of inspection


Chinese Taipei's National Skills Competition starts from September 29 to December 4, bringing together more than 800 Competitors going for 64skills' medals. With six categories: Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Construction and Building Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Transportation and Logistics, Social and Personal Services, and Creative Arts and Fashion, this Competition is by far the biggest skills competition on the island. And included were two groups: Junior Competition, aged 13-16, for 12 skills as well as Senior Competition, aged under 21, for 52 skills.




This year, the COVID-19 pandemic still has drastic impact that face-to-face skills exchange activities can barely take place. To address the difficulty, this year Chinese Taipei adopted new approach for National Skills Competition. All skills have been assigned to 19 different competition sites where the strictest COVID-19 control measures are enforced and competitions are live broadcast for the public to experience the event at home and promoting skills.