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Regional Skills Competition to Kick Off on April 23
Date of inspection


The 50th Regional Skills Competition is set to start from April 23 through 25, with about 2,979 competitors vying for 52-skills medals. This Competition takes place in 3 regions -- 20 venues in total -- running at the same time. Top five competitors in each skill of every region are qualified to move forward to the National Skills Competition in the coming September.  


One bright spot is that this year's Regional Skills Competition includes Junior Competition for the first time, totaling 74 juniors going for 4 skills medals -- Painting and Decorating, Restaurant Service, Graphic Design Technology and Mobile Robotics. It means that Taiwan's Competition further spreads over younger generation, a way of encouraging more youngsters to engage in skills learning.


Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the competition do not open to the public and some guidelines will be applied, including wearing face masks, taking temperature, filling out health declaration card, using APP for registration, etc. We hope that this Competition is fair as well as safe for all competitors and participants.