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Skills Promotion Workshop Postponed Due to Coronavirus
Date of inspection


As Coronavirus keeps spreading, Chinese Taipei has postponed its Skills Promotion Workshop, originally scheduled to hold on April 15~16. The two-day Skills Promotion Workshop is part of efforts in promotion of skills development -- sharing skills experience, exploring skills development on major regions, and shedding light on how Chinese Taipei partners with potential countries in the collaborative efforts. Following the heath crisis, Chinese Taipei has no option but postponing this event while putting participants' health and safety as the major consideration.


On March 2019, Chinese Taipei joined hands with the WorldSkills International launching WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre. Since then, the Centre has played an important platform in cooperation with African and developing countries on activities, such as skills exchange, training and competition consultation. Among them is Skills Promotion Workshop, bringing together delegates from around scores of countries on information sharing and related issue discussion. 


Chinese Taipei will continue to closely monitor the coronavirus development and explore the possibility of rescheduling the Workshop once the coronavirus is contained effectively.