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Skills Cooperation Symposium Wrapped up on Sep. 18
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As the WorldSkills Capacity Centre, Chinese Taipei held Skills Cooperation Symposium on September 18, bringing together more than 20 countries' delegates to participate in. This Symposium was chaired by Vice Labor Minister San-Quei Lin, focusing on WSI and regional skills development, updates on the progress made by WorldSkills Capacity Building Centres, as well as skills demand of potential countries. 


This Symposium invited WSI Senior Manager Grace Lung, WSA CEO Fahar Al Suwaidi, African Union Commission Advisor Nicholas Ouma, Russia Technical Delegate Alina Doskanova, Korea's HRD Manager Young-Woo Lee, Commercial Office of the Sultanate of Oman-Taiwan Director Sulaiman Sultan Al-Mughairy and Chinese Taipei's Offical Delegate Chen-Yang Shih, Technical Delegate Ming-Shan Chen, Expert Shih-Kuang Hou, Expert Chun-Hsin Chang as speakers for rounding out the about-two-hour event.


One of bright spots in this Symposium was what Chinese Taipei detailed its Capacity Building Centre's collaboration mechanism, giving a clear road map to its collaborative efforts down the road. Besides, while this event came by online and in-person way due to Covid-19 pandemic, delegates from Oman, India, Costa Rica, Jamaica also raised their constructive perspectives on skills cooperation in the Q&A session, bringing a perfect ending to this event.