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One TW Expert Named Deputy Chief Expert of WorldSkills Africa 2020
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Dr. Chieh-Peng Chen is named Deputy Chief Expert of WorldSkills Africa 2020 in the skill of Welding. With engineering background, Dr. Chen has been served as Chief Expert of TW National Skills Competition in the skill of welding since 2008. Also, he has served as Expert of WorldSkills Competition starting in 2009, while serving as Deputy Chief Expert of WorldSkills Competition in 2019 and Chief Expert of WorldSkills Asia Skills Competition in 2018. In addition, he is an assistant professor in a technical university at Kaohsiung City in Taiwan -- adeptly blending theories into practices.


This year, WorldSkills Namibia will host WorldSkills Africa 2020, which is a series of capacity building programs with a skills competition taking place from October 25 to October 31 in the city of Swakopmund, Namibia. To date, more than 150 Competitors from 12 African countries have registered to participate in 16 skills. WorldSkills International will send WSI Experts, consisting of Chief Experts and Deputies Chief Experts, to WorldSkills Africa 2020. From April to October, WSI Experts will support WorldSkills Africa 2020 via workshop and on-line platform. Meanwhile, WorldSkills International is making efforts to bring talented persons into WSI Experts.


Chinese Taipei is supportive of WorldSkills Africa 2020 project, in line with missions of Chinese Taipei's WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre. We are glad to see Dr. Chen join WSI Experts, sharing his expertise and practices helping African community in skills development.