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Congratulate Vice Minister Lin Selected as WSI Board member
Date of inspection


Vice Minister San-Quei Lin was selected as WSI Board member in the WSI General Assembly meeting on October 13, 2020. For now, WSI encompasses 85 members and takes place WorldSkills Competition that is synonymous with the Olympic Games in skills.  


This year's WSI General Assembly meeting took place on October 13 -14. One of this meeting's agenda was to select WSI Board member while the Board is WSI's highest decision body now consisting of eight members and each Board member holds a four-year term. Following a voting process, Vice Minister Lin was elected as Board member for Strategic Development Committee. Vice Minister Lin has been long playing a trailblazing role of driving WSI into an innovative path, his important initiatives including WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre, One Country One African Friend, and the more -- all bringing profound impact on the WSI development.