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Skills Cooperation Symposium wrapped up on September 30
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Chinese Taipei's Skills Cooperation Symposium took place on September 30, bringing together over 100 guests from over 20 countries, including foreign representatives in Taipei and delegates from industry, government and academia related to skills development affairs. This Symposium held in hybrid format (physical and virtual) with the theme “Skills Development and Challenges” echoed WorldSkills International’s (WSI) spirit in naming 2021 the “Year of Innovation,” to promote and advance global skills development with innovative models.


On 2019, Chinese Taipei and WSI established the world’s second WorldSkills Capacity Building Center (CBC). The CBC in Chinese Taipei has cooperated with African and developing countries in elevating their skills level to meet WorldSkills Occupational Standards. Furthermore, this year a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with WorldSkills UK and another one with Jamaica’s Human Employment and Resource Training Trust/National Service Training Agency (HEART/NSTA) to work together to achieve excellence in skills development.


This Symposium specially invited WSI President Mr. Chris Humphries to deliver opening remarks and join us live online. In his opening remarks, he gave recognition to contribution of Chinese Taipei’s CBC regarding our work in promoting TVET and global sustainable skills development. Also, WSI Board Member Mr. Michael Fung, Senior Youth Advisor of the African Union Commission Mr. Nicholas Ouma, Official Delegate for Korea Mr. Yanghyun Kim, Juniors Coordinator of WorldSkills Russia Ms. Aliya Lutfulliana, Deputy CEO of WorldSkills UK Mr. Ben Blackledge, and Technical Delegate for Malaysia Mr. Mohd Zuhdi Ibrahim shared their creative insights and perspectives.


The Symposium really provided participants with an excellent experience by facilitating exchange on innovative and forward-looking approaches to skills development, in hope to strengthen international cooperation and make the world better with the power of skills.