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Three Videos Launched for Expert Training amid Covid-19 Pandemic
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Chinese Taipei just released three Expert training videos in the skills of Automobile Technology, Mechatronic and Restaurant Service on December, in efforts to help Experts for a skills boost as the Covid-19 pandemic leads to travel restriction and in-person skills exchange almost unlikely. 


This year, Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard, resulting in travel restriction and hindering skills collaborative efforts. Chinese Taipei is one of WorldSkills Capacity Building Centres, committing to promotion of skills development. To confront the pandemic impact, Chinese Taipei has completed videos for Expert training on Automobile Technology, Mechatronic and Restaurant Service. With copyright belonging to Chinese Taipei, these videos have already been put up on WorldSkills Chinese Taipei website for partner countries to use.


Aligning Worldskills Technical Descriptions and Competition rules, these videos focus on central parts of the past WorldSkills Competition's test projects. Not only are these videos for the purpose of Expert's skills upgrade, but also they could help prepare Experts for upcoming WorldSkills Competition.