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Interdisciplinary Dialogue between Skills and Camellia Exhibition 2022
Date of inspection


We are delighted to announce that the 15th Camellia Exhibition is now open! It is on display at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Experimental Forest Fenghuang Nature Education Area from January 22 to February 6, 2022.


This year, in addition to exhibiting a variety of rare camellia at home and abroad, as well as more than 100 pots of noble and elegant camellias Bonsai. In order to strengthen the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the NTU Experimental Forest has cooperated with the Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, to design the Camellia Exhibition, linking the beauty of Taiwan's specialty camellia varieties and the exquisite works made by the Competitors from 11 Skills in 3 occupational sectors (Creative Arts and Fashion, Social and Personal Services, and Construction and Building Technology ) in WorldSkills Competition.  


The 11 Competitors of the Skill of Floristry, Fashion Technology, Patisserie and Confectionery, Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Cabinetmaking, Joinery, Plastering and Drywall Systems, Painting and Decorating, Graphic Design Technology, and Visual Merchandising are given an external training project at Fenghuang Nature Education Area, this scenic and organic tea plantation demonstration zone. The Competitors tapped on their respective expertise and creativity to create works featuring the camellia. In this way, the beauty of the camellia flourishes in works, made possible by a range of skills, in new and graceful forms defined by a fresh sense of elegance.


Through these artistic endeavors, the exhibition also puts on display both Taiwan's innovation and development of camellia cultivation technology as well as our nation’s achievements in vocational education and training. With the camellia as its motif and natural beauty as its goal, the event brings together the rich natural resources of the NTU experimental forest, its spatial landscape, and aesthetic craftsmanship to showcase the pinnacle of Taiwan's craftsmanship to the general public. We welcome everyone to join us at the Fenghuang Nature Education Area of the NTU Experimental Forest to have some tea and admire the gorgeous camellia blooms in a natural landscape, and at the same time take in the beauty of world-class works presented by our excellent Competitors in the WorldSkills Competition.