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The 52nd Regional Skills Competition under the Pandemic Concludes Successfully
Date of inspection


The 52nd Regional Skills Competition is coming to an end after 6 days of events(April 18-23).


In response to COVID-19, this event is not open to the public. The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has formulated a precaution plan aligned with guidelines by the Central Epidemic Command Center in order to make sure this event could run in a safe environment.

Plus, the MOL reminds Competitors of taking necessary precaution prevention measures, such as temperature check, mask mandate, etc.

In case a Competitor fail to take part in this event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she/he could provide the relevant proof to participate in an extra competition held after.


This year, there are 56 skills for youth were held, including 5 new skills, Mobile Applications Development, Visual Merchandising, Digital Construction, Industrial Design Technology and Robot Systems Integration, and 13 skills for juior. Per competition rule, top five competitors for each skill will be entitled to advance to the National Skills Competition on July 31 -August 7 this year. 


Although the world is still suffering from the pandemic this year, the 52nd Regional Skills Competition can still be said to have come to a successful conclusion thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the competitors and the efforts of experts, instructors and relevant executives.