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Worldskills Asia Junior-Online 3D Digital Game Art Challenge 2022
Date of inspection


WorldSkills Asia Junior 3D Digital Game Art Online Skill Challenge 2022


9-12 August 2022 (This is a three-day competition with one day preparation, and will be three hours
competition in each day)
WorldSkills Chinese Taipei and WorldSkills Asia are proud to bring you the 2022 3D Digital Game
Art – Junior Online Skill Challenge. This competition is open to WorldSkills Asia and all nonmembers



Participation Rules:
- 3D Digital Game Art is a single Competitor Skill competition.
- Participant’s ages: 14 – 16
- Registration: Now - August 1, 2022


Use any software from infrastructure list to create Sketches, Concept Art, 3D Modeling, and
Texturing in 2D and 3D digital format files. You are free to use software by free accessing or open


Competition Outcomes
The participants will compete in creating sketches, concept arts, and how to visualize them into the 3D models. At the end of the junior competition, each competitor will create their own digital
3D((hard-surface or organic) game assets in software.


Medals - WorldSkills Asia will be awarding Gold, Silver, and Bronze Certificates.


Register now
Through link or excel-form application to 3dj50ce@gmail.com


Description of the Skill
The 3D Digital Game artist receives, conceptualizes, and interprets design briefs on the basis of
their market knowledge and skill sets, and given scope and limits of the briefs. The skill required of the 3D Digital Game artist can be broken down further into 2D concept art, 3D modeling,
unwrapping, texture painting, rigging, and animating.


Where the skill is needed:
Digital Games
Movies Cartoons
Augmented and Virtual Reality