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Regional Skills Competition about to Kick Off on April 26

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The 48th Regional Skills Competition will start from April 26 through 27, one of largest skills competition on the island with 3,095 competitors vying for 47-skills medals.


Skilled talent is the lifeblood of economic development. So, Ministry of Labor annually holds skills competition in the hope of inspiring young people to explore and further learn skills. This Competition is a national event, totaling 21 venues in 3 regions running at the same time. Among 47 skills, the skill of Mobile Robotics is most favorite conventionally, a total of 220 competitors in registration this year. And top five competitors each skill in each region are qualified to move forward to National Skills Competition this August.


This Competition plays as a platform for youngsters showcasing their skills excellence. Public people and those from schools, companies and associations are all welcomed to take a visit to this Competition.